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Midori, this page is dedicated to you, wo de airen, with all liquids and solids that contain within my body I love you.

Kyle: over dramatic aren't we?

PPC: Yes, very much so he has officially gone off the deep end

Midori-sama no kawaii desu ne!

PPC:as I said... the deep end

Midori-Chan I love you, the words on this shrine cannot convey, they may seem shy but... the words cannot convey my happiness that you are my love, and my love alone, I am so happy... if not through physical contact can I show my affection, then I must do so... here, on this page, now!

PPC: cu-koo cu-koo cu-koo

Kyle: ok... that was beautiful

James: *pecks at Midori's picture*

Never mind them... their puny insults and taunts, cannot sidetrack my urn to show affection, they only make me lose my courage to show it.. but somehow... I will show you how I truly feel... somehow... someday... but first there is something I must do...


Midori my love, you have no idea how strong my affection boils... I know.. I sound repetative.. but... what affection you receive.. is only a sliver, a quite small shard of what my true feelings are for you... they are stronger than.. than.. than.. any cheese, any magic, any wards, MIDORI-SAMA, WO AI NI!

Kyle: overdramatic...

PPC: on a scale of one to ten... it's definatly a 9.5

Kyle: I say we give him a complete ten for creativity

I...I...I can't think of much more... that's the bad thing about love shrines... they seem to end too soon... this page won't be updated as much as the rest of my site, because I have already told you... everything... there is to know...

Kyle: yes.... ummm.... everything.. muahahaha

Kyle: Yeah! And umm... P.S. Lori I made this site for you.. but Matt kept changing the names...

PPC: ummm..... not quite it's supposed to be for Hotura!