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October 26 4:09 P.M. I'm woreking on getting e-ma for you... the loyal RHARW fans! I want it to be yournamehere@animedomainnamehere.endnamehere I'm sure some of you will take advantage of this offer as soon as I make it possible for you to get.

September 24 6:19 P.M. Hi! Guess what! I've gotten rid of noframes, I figure as long as the net has been around msot people have frames compatible computers, if not, I can't help it there, my space is getting a bit low, so I must delete these sections, Thank You for paying attention. (THIS IS A MAJOR UPDATE)

September 5 4:07 P.M. Major Problems! I was stabbed through my left hand, so typing's a bit slow, so there will be considerable less updates until I fully heal, and the bad thing is that no one at school seems to care about it, so there will be less updates, like I said, until I fully heal.

August 26 8:42 P.M. Hey! In-case you didn't notice, RHARW now has an online Ranma and anime store! I have had requests for links to purchase mangas! and here they are! just click here

August 05 4:49 P.M. School's going a bit slow, so I have more time to update, all thethings on the main page (i.e. Animenation, Animelab, Send More Info, Response Master) are to help me be able to update and upgrade my site better, so please, help me out by signing up for their services if you want them or clicking on their link (If you click on Response Master and are a webmaster use this service to get serious traffic and help my site at the same time!)

August 01 12:59 P.M. Sorry for the lack of updates... I've been busy the past few days, and school starts tomorrow, so there will be less updates until next summer, but stay posted, I should update every now and then during the school year anyways.

July 21 1:22 A.M.Ok.. there has been a rapid severe decrease in page hits, I have not been receiving as many visitors, please, tell me what the problem is, I will try to fix it or improve it, please report any problems or dissatisfication to me

July 19 11:50 A.M. I have now gotten a few more pictures in the picture archive, I know that I am falling behind in the noframes section but don't worry, I'll update that area soon also.. Thank you

July 5 11:48 A.M. Sorry for lack of updates, my modem wasn't very good, so we got a 56K fax modem, plus the judge owns some cows, and they use an electric fence which is directly by our transformer box, so now we are trying to get the judge to do something about his fence so until then... there won't be many if any updates, I am sorry for the inconvienence.

June 27 12:40 P.M. MUAHAHAHAHA your favorite website now has a domain name... that's right, no more semi-domain it is now a complete domain name and now that this site is more accessible there will be more visitors I am sure because now they can remember the URL better

June 13 6:27 P.M. I have added several pictures, although it is a small archive, oh well it'll grow, unless I get sidetracked like I did with my last site and fall in love with another anime... which would be rather hard after Ranma 1/2 hehe... I hope you guys like my picture archive, if one of the pictures do not work, click on one and then click "back" on your browser, it should load, if not just click on the picture that won't load!