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This is my Picture Archive, I know there will be pictures here sooner or later, so just be patient after all I did start this webpage on May 21,2000 at 12:01 AM

Ran-Chan with a sword Ran-Chan in a watermeleon bathing suit Ran-Chan in a cat costume Ran-chan eating a towel Ran-Chan cooking Ran-Chan cooking, from Nihao My Concubine Ran-Chan in a cat costumeRan-Chan and Panda-Genma She's ready for her closeup ARRANGE THIS? I CAN DO THAT! Akane calming Ran-Chan Ranma-Kun wearing a bra Ranma-Chan, Ukkyo, Shampoo Ran-Chan, Akane, and Shampoo Ran-Chan in a dress with a side-cut Shampoo in a dress with a side-cut! Shampoo in a bikini Another Shampoo pic Shampoo serving ramen Shampoo with a fan Shampoo Shampoo sunbathing Ukyo and Shampoo in a clashy situation Ukkyo on a rampage Ukyo and Ranma eating an okinomiyaki Ukkyo with her secret Sauce Ryoga holding Akane close SHI-SHI HOKODAN! P-chan dragging his backpack The Reason Ryoga likes Akane Kawaii Akane Kodachi rying to kill Akane The Principal making Akane and Ran-Chan crack coconuts Nabiki about to go swimming a background

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