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OK... this page is all about me, I'm only making one page, because doing a page for both frames and no frames gets a bit difficult, when I get more freetime I'll make one for no frames but until then:

I am a 13 year old male around the height of 4'11.5", I live in Kentucky and have two goldfish, Johnny *Yes, it looks like it's spelled wrong but it isn't, this is how I named him* (2.6 yrs old) and Takendehu {TA-KiN-day-who}(1.9 years old) My best freind's name is Marx, he is the same age as me actually he's about a month and eight days younger than me, but he's about 5'3, I like to make webpages (I'll admit this one has been my best work) and as for my friend Marx (nickname) it's best you don't know about him, unfortunatly he doesn't know anything about Ranma 1/2 so he can't help me with this site, I'm going to have some quotes of my friends and maybe other people here also.

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