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Ok... thanks to a bit of ummm inspiration... I have dedicated this section of the page to Character Bios.

Ryoga Hibiki- The Lost Boy, this young boy has no sense of direction and is always chasing after his rival's fianceÚ, Akane Tendou, Poor Ryoga will not give up until she is in his arms smiling, but yet he can never quite kill Ranma so Akane will be his love. /\/\/\/\Curse: small baby pigglet/\/\/\/\

Ranma Saotome- The Main Character, His father genma, is the most horrible of all fathers... and Ranma has no mother due to a few ummm things Genma said and now they can no longer return to their original house, so they live with the Tendous. /\/\/\/\Curse: Young Girl/\/\/\/\

Genma Saotome- The world's most horrific father, he once threw Ranma in a pit of hungry cats when he was a child, the bad thing... Ranma was covered in raw fish, when Genma promised Ranma's mother that Ranma would come back a man's man... and due to the fact that Ranma changed into a girl, this promise was not able to be kept, so Genma turned to his freind Soun Tendou. /\/\/\/\Curse: Panda/\/\/\/\

Soun Tendou- Akane, Kasumi, and Nabiki's father, Soun took Genma and Ranma in after Genma decided he could no longer face his wife after Ranma's "condition" he is a caring father and only wants the best for his daughters, Genma and Soun made a deal that Ranma and Akane would be wed to carry along the Tendou dojo.

Tatewaki Kuno- Ok this guy loved Akane Tendou, in fact he is her former fianceÚ but something happened I'm not sure what, but he chased her around school and then Ranma as a female came along, Tatewaki fell in love with him/her and chased her, then he went to a fortune teller and found out that Nabiki Tendou would be his wife, he then declared Nabiki be his wife and Ranma and Akane be his concubines.

Mousse (Does he have a last name??) MORE TO COME UNDER HEAVY CONSTRUCTION