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The Sun Shone brightly through the windows of the five story beach house, illuminating the room of myself, Matt. Marx, My Best friend, came and sat on the desk in front of my bed, I still slept.

“Wake up!” Marx yelled, pulling the blankets off me, revealing the coldness of the air, despite the sun shine.

I sat abruptly, and yelled from the sharp sting of the coldness, “Ow! What was that for?!”

“You slept almost all day! I mean it’s like two thirty! I’m Hungry get something to eat” Marx said, enthusiastically and whining, “Please.... I’m hungry!!!”

I got out of bed and put some pants on, “ok... we’ll go get some cheeseburgers, besides I’m hungry too.”

We Got into the car and drove away from the gravel road, down the highway, and into town. “Cheeseburgers, yummy, yummy, yummy cheeseburgers!” Marx said, sounding like a little kid.

We pulled into a parking lot and stepped out, “Hey.... I haven’t seen this place before, but I hear the burgers are good...” I said, walking into the restaurant.

“May I take your order?” The Cashier said, looking down at the cash register, and then back up at us.

“Two Double Cheeseburgers please” I said, looking around at the technological place, the walls were metallic blue and the doors looked like vortexes, pink and blue swirls whirling around them back and forth, slowly.

Suddenly the floor opened beneath us and we fell down a small chute, landing hard on tough concrete, it was cold and dark, not to mention damp in the unknown place, Marx landed on me and moaned loudly.

I got up and walked to a nearby wall, there was a small red button and a message in some language that was not Earthly, I tried to translate, but couldn’t, Marx walked over and said, “ohhhhhhh.... a red button! I’ll push it!” and with that, Marx pushed the red button.

The Ground shook and we were teleported on a large ship that looked like the restaurant, the only difference was a large green circle in the center of the room that we were in.